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January 13, 2022
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Malta’s union announced a production dispute with netent and evolution gaming group due to the dississal of a number of employes of netent. After all those who worked in netent were in the new company (evolution) on abbreviations, dismissed employees appealed to the trade union to protect their interests.

The gwu statement (general workers’ union) states that had to declare an employment dispete, because companies in question did not recognize gwu as a representatives of workers in the issue of collective dismissal.

Gwu also stated that both companies refused to provide a written statement containing the necessary information and, including the causes of dismissal, the number of employees they intended to dismiss the proposed criteria for the selection of redundant employees, detailed information about any compensation due to the termination of the contract, and the period during which dississal will be carried out.

The trade union stressed dismissions (employment protection) and the provision on employment protection during enterprises were fullly violated. Gwu has retained the right to start a strike in order to promote the labor dispute with immediate entry into force.

The trade union was forced to declare this product dispute, since the game companies did not show readiness to consult with him as a representative of the workers to avoid "collective duplication" in the gambling sector. Is reported that companies plan to dismiss more than 300 employees and have not taken any effort to prevent this step.

Source: edition inewsmalta

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