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January 12, 2022
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Dana white, president of the absolute fight championship, in an interview with tmzsports spoke about the problems that donald trump faced when viewing ufc.


Dana white, president of the international sports organization for mixed martial arts ufc, – officon president donald trump. Their acquaintance occurred more than 15 years ago, when future chapter of america was allowed to spend two fights in his entertainment complex «taj mahal».

Aftert that, dana did not once talked about his meetings and periodic personal conversations with the pesident and about his interest in the octave. White also spoke in support of his friend to the presidential elections in 2016.

In the last interview with the tmz portal, the head of ufc spoke about the problems that trump collided while viewing ufc 226 (passed on july 7). According to dana, the head of state bought a paid broadcast from the directv satellite television supplier. But to watch on the same day the fights due to «presidential stacked» (as the white expressed) donald could not, and after a few days the canal removed this possibility.

After that, the president of the united states remained in bewilderment, why, if he bought the rights to watch for $ 67, he cannot see the show when he wants. Dana is agreed in this matter with trump, but believees that donald must decide this issee with directtv.

Dana white’s leader to interest of the country’s leader to interest martial arts and even invited himd to visit personally between nurmagomedov and mcgregor, which took place in october of this year.

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