The Income Of The Swiss Casino In 2018 Increased By 3.4%

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March 14, 2022
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Swiss gambling regulator eidgenössische spielbankenkommission (esbk) reported on the 3.4% increase in income from land casino in 2018.

The Income of the Swiss Casino in 2018 Increased by 3.4%

Total income rose to 703.6 million swiss francs (£576.7 million / €632.9 million / $ 713.8 million). This figure refers to eight gambling establishments category a – larger halls in urban areas and 13 casinos of category b located in resort cities and small settlements.

The facilities with a license a accounted for 426.4 million swiss francs, which is 3.8% more compared to the same period last year, and a license casino in – the remaining 277.2 million swiss francs. Their income increased by 2.7%.

If you look at the market in terms of the demand of the products, the slots turned out to be the most popular. Revenue from segment rose by 2.7% from 2017 to 567.7 million swiss francs. This figure amounted to 80.7% of the total market revenue. At the same time, the revenue from board games grew by 6.2% to 135.9 million swiss francs.

This taxes contributed to the casino operators increased by 4.7% annual terms of up to 323.4 million swiss francs. The main part (284.9 million swiss francs) went to the country, and another 47.5 million swiss francs were allocated to cantonal authorities.

Esbk also said that the number of sanctions adopted in relation to unlicensed operators decreased during the year. In 2018, 98 cases were investigated by the regulator. A total of 255 cases were instituteded. As of january 1, 2019, there were 117 awaiting cases. The authority fined the company totaling 1.5 million swiss francs and presented complaints of 509,344 swiss francs.

In connection with the opening of the swiss market online casino esbk, it is possible to send the internet providers to block access to unlicensed sites. Powers to publish the relevant orders entered into force on july 1, when the regulator noted that it is already preparing to apply sanctions to the fist unlicensed operators.

July 1, also became the date of launch of the country’s gambling market, which allows only the land casino to receive licenses. To date, four operators filed applications. Grand casino baden, which also belongs to casino davos, will work with gamanza, while grand casino luzern is a paf partner and casino z operatorürichsee swiss casino has concluded a deal with playtech.

As for the lottery segment, the intercantang commission for lottery and rates (comlot) reports that the gross revenue from this sector rose by 0.4% annual calculus to 943 million swiss francs in 2018. However, a decrease in profits for the french loterie of the german cantons swisslos led to a decrease in profits to 588 million swiss francs.

Earlier it became known about two new igor operators switzerland, listed in the blacklist.

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