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September 6, 2022
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The largest land operator casino casino casinos poland announced the quick opening of its gambling objects. Is reported that at once eight brand institutions across the country again will begin to accept visitors after a two-month break caused by quarantine events due to the outbreak of covid-19.

On its official website, the operator said: "in accordance with the current resolution of the cooncil of ministers of ministers of poland and other supervisory authorities, our casinos will be opened from february 15 to february 28, 2021".

At the same time, objects will be able to open only if the management of the institutions will be able to ensure their safe work in accordance with all the requirements of the government and health authorities.

In particular, all gambling establishments will undertake screen screening of each visitor, regular disinfection of surfaces with which employees and guests (door handles, slot machines, chips, coffee tables, etc.). Each player and casino employee must stick to the mask. Used masks will change for free.

Gambling institution casinos poland

It im important to note that the american company casino has 66.6% of the shares of the casinos poland operator through its austrian subsidiary century resorts management gmbh. Last year, century announced a sharp increase in revenue following the third quarter after the june acquisition of four casinos.

In the same period, the polish business of the american giant of the hospitality industry and gambling entertainment took 4% in the total indicator of the adjusted profit.

At the end of last year, century casino’s forecast data claimed that in the first half of 2021, due to the situation with restrictions due to covid-19 and the continued growth in incidence in many countries, the company will feel a "substantial negative impact ".

Recall, hungarian politicians protest against the work of the casino.

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