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July 22, 2022
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The work of pinterest photo hosting on the territory of the republic of kazakhstan of kazakhstan was blocked. In the ministry of media reported that the company did not fulfill the requiements of the regulator, therefore came toemporary sanctions. The reason was the advertising of gambling on the platform.

The Largest Social Network in Kazakhstan in Kazakhstan Casino

The ministry of information and public development of the republic of kazakhstan network regularly promoted the services of a prohibited online casino.

The regulator sent several warnings to the resource administration, but they all remained unanswered. Since the promotion of prohibited content did not stop, the work of the web resource and the mobile application was blocked. Sanctions introduced by two decrees – december 31, 2019 and january 13, 2020.

The ministry of media reports that content violates the requiements of the law is still in public domain on the pinterest website. Sanctions will last until advertising be deleted.

However, the office reports that the mobile appolication of the social network continues to work in kazakhstan. According to users, there are some access problems, but the mobile version is not blocked.

At the end of january of this year, pinterest became the most popular social network among kazakhstan. Platform regularly visited 32.7% of social network users. Facebook in this ranking ranked fourth – just 13.5% of visitors.

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