The Last Chance Of Kovalchuk: Three Possible Clubs

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April 26, 2022
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Ilya kovalchuk is already 36 years old, but despite this and quite mediocre season and a half of the season «kings», he is a tight piece for larger clubs nhl. Where can a newly free agent go – in our material.

The Last Chance of Kovalchuk: Three Possible Clubs

Kovalchuk wants to win stanley cup

Long story with marin kovalchuk on a bench of spare and outcomes – finished. In a separate material, we wrote that now ilya is a free agent and engaged in finding a new team. Despite the huge expectations of russian fans, the striker himself does not want to return to the khl, where in recent years he was one of the main stars of the championship.

In nhl, ilya wants to go to the club, which will most likely continue his way in the struggle for the stanley cup, idealy also won. Western media report that kovalchuk’s person is interested in three nhl club:

  • «Boston brins»;
  • «Pittsburgh penguins»;
  • «Calgary flamem».

Ilya himself plans to sign a contract as soon as possible to resume training and start fighting for a place in the composition. It is necessary to understand that despite all the accusations of ilya in the desie to receive serious money, its primary desire is to play at a high level. Insiders noted that with colleagues in la kings, he broke up on a good note and for all the time tracking in the club did not create conflict situations. Just the stryle of the game of the russian striker did not coincide with the style «kings», plus, this was the crisis in the team («kings» are at the bottom of the table with kovalchuk in the composition and wither.

Ilya Himself Plans to Sign The Contract AS Soon As Possible

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Experts believe that the ideal option from the point of view of the struggle for trophies for the russians shold become «boston». However, insiders report that so far no applicant has provided guarantees to the player that it will fall into. Everyone knows his weak and strengths, besides, do not forget about age of a hockey player, wh will not argue with it, – not the youth, and therefore physikally can no longer do the volume of work that before.

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