The Last Participant Of The Fight After The Fight Of Habib With Mcgregor Is Punished

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January 31, 2022
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The popular mma junkie portal reported that dillon denis received from the athletic commission of nevada fine and disqualification. Thus, he became the last participant of the fight after the fight mcgregor – nurmagomedov who fell under nsac sanctions.

The Last Participant of the Fight After The Fight of Habib with McGregor Is Punished

The battle between konor mcgregor and habib nurmagomedov was held on october 6, and the passions do not subscribe to him still. And the convincing victory of the events that followed this, namely in the scuffle, which occurred at the end of the fight itself and outside octagon. For those who forgot, recall.

In the fourth round, the russian fighter, which dominated his opponent during the whole duel, conducted a painful reception on the infringement of the neck, which became victorious for him. But on this he did not stop, and after the fencing of octagon and began a fight with a fencing of octagon of mcgregor, mma dillon fighter denis.

According to the commentator ufc joe rogan, habib went out due to the fact that dillon insulted nurmagomedov and shouted something offensive about his family. The same first time confirmed the russian fighter. Only he added to it that denis insulted his religion. However, in january of this year, he admitted that he did not hear anything. This was told about this popular portal of mixed martial arts mma junkie.

Joe rogan – the famous commentator ufc and the author of the popular subcaster, the guest of which became a lot of famous athletes, actors and other celebrities. Read more about the revelations of the invincible boxer tyson fury on the podcast can be found in a separate material.

Based on the new version of the reasons for what happened, nurmagomedov entered into a fight wermagomen only for the coneer coaches were too old. Earlier, dillon also argued that he did not insult the views of the dagestan fighter.

Despite the fact that the american did not climb the fight, the athletic commission of nevada still decided to punish him for the incident. He was aended a fine of $ 7,500 and removed from battles for 7 months. On his owner of the black belt on the bzh is wondering why the punishment turned out to be so strict if he was defended.

In the comments mma junkie, the head of the anthony marnell commission explained the decision. According to him, it im impossible to say someone got a tougher punishment and someone – leser. Yes, nurmagomedov has just a couple of monhs for more than a disqualification (with the right to finish it earlier), but his cash fine is much more. Such is the correlation. This situation, according to the head of the nsac, is not linear and is surrounded by a large number of factors affecting the final conclusions.

Read more about the decision of the commission against other participants in the conflict – in our material.

Previously, the father of habiba, abdulmanap nurmagomedov, called the decision to politicized, but stressed that his son does not keep evil on them.

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