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January 13, 2022
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The story with the accusations of the scandalous pet english fans of gaskaya in sexual harassment continues.

The Legend of English Football Denies Accusations of Having

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Of course, a talented midfielder has always been known for its brown temper and love for alcoholic beverage. Even during his sports career when he played for «newcastle», «tottenham», «lazio» and other teams, the floor did not disappear to indulge in his preferences.

At the end of the career, this problem only aggravated. The ex-player of the main goal of the british tabloids, which the day was representd by the world «stars football». However, a year ago everything has changed. Football man, whose name is english football, «knocked» with a detrimental habit and appeared in an updated image.

When 2 @rangersfc #legends meet after 10 years @ paul_gascoigne8 pic.Twitter.Com / p4o5oxtomw

— kong (@kongevents)
february 3, 2018.

But it lasted not long. After the death of the nephew, the floor returned to dependence and soon got into a very unpleasant story. On august 20, 2018, the transport police arrested during a trip from york to newcastle. The cause of arrest was the accusation of a 16-year-old girl in the fact that the ex-football player kissed her without permission.

The fate of the legend will now decide the jury court. Today, gaskown appeared before the senior judge of tiside and declared his innocence. The final session shld take place on october 14.

Wow i did not stand down thanks to @ shanwh1tfield and his staff i appreciate it so much they have stood by my side phew love to all xx ️️????????????‍♀️????‍♂️xxx love from gazza xx pic.Twitter.Com / kbskksiq24

— paul gascoigne (@ paul_gascoigne8)
january 8, 2019.

Previously «gaaza» (nickname football) also stated that innocent. According to him, he just wanted to console the girl after her insulted, calling «fat cow».

Today, the former gaska club «tottenham hotspur» the first match of the league cup will play against «chelsea». Our forecast for the match, which includes also the coefficients of bookmakers, can be found here.

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