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January 12, 2022
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Legendary midfielder «real» madrid, «chelsea» and psg claude makelele criticized the behavior of the battlefield football player in the last match with «bournemouth», which the «red devils» won 4: 1.


Famous french football player claude mchelele, at one time he was considered one of the best in the position of the central midfielder, criticized his compatriot of the battlefield.

According to claude, victory dancing from the field, in the match «manchester united» against «bornmuta», were unnecessary and mocking:

«It seeemed to me except, disrespectful towards the enemy, you understand? I wanted to tell him: «listen, do it in the locker room, and not now». This is frustrating. You win win with a score of 4: 0 and dancing in front of me».

Battle and bayy

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december 31, 2018.

As a reverse example, claude brought his colleague for the national team of thiery henri. Mackelele recalls that the attacker almost never celebrated scored goals, because of this there was a feeling that he remains unhappy. However, there was a celebration style, withot unnessary emotions.

Paul battle – large media personality. He returned to b «manu united» behind €105 million in 2016. Many experts believe that the conflict of the frenchman with jose mourinho was largely influenced by the dismissal of the last mj. With the appointment of the village of gunnar sulcher to the post of chief coach of the club, three matches were held, each of which ended in a major victory «red devils». At the same time, paul himself was noted in these matches 3 goals and 4 appliances.

Match with huddersfield

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Today «manchester united» will go to the game against «newcastle». Their neighbors, «man city», tomorrow they will fight against the leader of the apl «liverpool». Our forecast for the central match tour with bookmaker coefficients can be found here.

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