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April 22, 2022
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More than half of the inhabitants of great britain, aged 16, stated money at least one of the types of gambling in 2018. Nevertheless, the level of problems with gambling in the country continues to decline.

The LEVEL OF PROBLEM Gambling In The UK is Reduced

The survey results of the national health service conducted in england show that 53% of residents at the age of 16 and older sport money for gambling during last year. If we exclude from the total of the surveyed citizens who participated in the lottery draws, the indicator will decrease to 39%.

Equally, the numbers did not compare with the data preenented in the report last year by the uk gambling commission. In the regulator document, the level of participation was recorded at 46%, after the exclusion of lottery products – 32%.

Despite the incomprehensibility of indicators, it im important that even according to higher data, the health service is observed a drop in the level of problem gambling.

Thanks to the survey, it also became known that 8% of respondents were resorted to the services of online bookmakers, but only 3% of respondents played in the slots. As expected, sports bets are in great demand among men than a among women above among them and the level of involvement in the game online casino – almost twice.


Based on the parameters of the dsm-iv, the healthses researchers concluded that the overall level of problem gambling is 0.Five%. Other is saddened – the highest rates were recorded in age categories 16-24 years and 25-34 years. However, it is necessary to take into account that in these age categories, the number of men prevailing, which are more intended in gembling in principle.

It im important to note that even when using other systems, for example, the severity index of problems with gambling (pgsi), the problem of problem gambling remained at the level of 0.Five%.

Despite the fact that in fact the level of problem gambling decreases, especially in comparison with the 2016 indicators, the number of potential ludomans remains stable.

Recall that the uk has developed a new strategy to study the degree of damage from gambling.

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