The Main Competitor Of Alina Zagitto Showed Its Trump Cards (Video)

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January 20, 2022
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Although i just got raged the european figure skating championship in minsk, as all the thoughts of lovers of this sport rushed to japan, where the world championship starts in march. There is also a major competitor for russian women – rick kihira, who prepares something special to the tournament.

The Main Competitor of Alina Zagitto Showed Its Trump Cards (Video)

Despite the blurred speeches of the grand prix, championship of russia and europe, it is still considered the strongest figure skater in the country (at least from the adult category). And there are many reasons for it, but the most important – older merits. Alina last season was able to win almost everything: gold final grand prix 2017/2018, europe, russia, but most importantly – olympic games.

However, after this victory, the grant became more difficult. Although at first everything went pretty cloudless: two victories at the grand prix (russia, finland), at the home stage alina even put the world record in the short program. But here was the final, in which the russian athlete had to face his one year old from japan rica kihira and lose. In the same final, the japanese put a new record in a short program, improving alinin’s result for almost two points.

Now the figure skater from izhevsk will prepare for a new challenge and confrontation with japanese. And, apparently, it will be even harder, since, judging by the video training of kijira, it is alady able to clean the most complex tricks. On youtube video, you can see how japanese fulfilled four salkov and tulup.

However, it is worth noting that will soon appear in the arsenal of the russian arsenal of the russian in the arsenal of the russian. At the end of last year, on its page in instagram, one of the trainers grant posted a video where alina performs the fourth flip, but so far only with insurance.

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@azagitova in work, over more complex elements ???? #teamtutberidze #alinazagitova

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Previously, experts have already talked about the fact that the grant at the world championships will have a serious test.

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