The Market For Sports Rates In Germany Collapsed By 20% Due To A Pandemic

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July 28, 2022
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The market for sports rates in Germany sharply fell in 2020

Taking into account these figures, president dswv matthias dams protects himself from repeated messages that the game industry benefits from the crisis:

"True exactly the opposite. During the first blocking in the spring of 2020, when all european leagues ceased their game operations, the german market for sport rates fully collapsed: in april 90 percent compared to the previous year, in may – by 75 percent. Without sports, of course, can not be a sports bet ".

The gaming industry benefits from the crisis

Only since the end of the summer, monthly sales have been stabilized again at the level of the previous year. But the economic situation remains extremely tense, especially in the field of sale of stationary rates for sports, – explains dams:

“during the current blocking, all 5,000-6,000 bookmakers off the whole country are closed or transferred to work at the reception points of abbreviated rates. Approximately 25,000 employees worked part-time and feared for their work, and operators for their entrepreneurial existence. Many will not last longer, including because the federal government refuses to bookmakers in the promised assistance in november / december. Therefore, we need as soon as possible the prospect of planning on the part of politicians regarding how safe business transactions in compliance with hygiene requirements will be possible in the coming months. “.

The crisis of sports rates regulated in germany is exacerbated by the fact that from the moment of entry into force in october 2020 transitional rules for virtual slot machines, there was a massive migration of consumers to suppliers of a black market, mainly based in asia or the caribbean. The middle recession was 54%. This was the result of a survey of dswv members.


“it becomes obvious that strict rules for virtual slot machines almost instantly took the market to side – unfortunately, in the wrong direction. It is unrealistic to believe that german customers will be accompanied by excessive constraints of the state treaty and return to licensed suppliers if they can play with competitors who offer them much better conditions. We urgently need improvements in the rules and effective provision of protection against illegal proposals. Otherwise, authoritative suppliers wishing to regulate will leave the german gaming market. “.

2020 should have become historical for the industry in a positive sense. In october, after many years of political and legal problems, licenses for sports rates were finally issued throughout the country. However, after issuing 21 licenses, the process stopped again; up to 40 additional licensed applications were not approved for several months.

Therefore, dams calls for politicians to act quickly:

“instead of a properly regulated market, we currently have competitive distortions of unexpected sizes: while 21 licensee performs strict licensed conditions, many other suppliers work on the market perfectly calmly. We are watching the massive outflow of consumers to the unregulated market. But a fully divided gambling college, consisting of 16 responsible staff of the staff of the staff, for months, was postponing the process of filing the application and did not accept any further decisions. Therefore, we urge the state governments to put an end to this unacceptable situation: the decision on all open concession applications should be made immediately to create fair market conditions for all suppliers. It is unacceptable to have now suffered licensed providers “.

Source: the official website of the german association of sports rates


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