The Match “Juventus” – Milan Became The Main Sensation Of The Day: Rossoneri Issued 3 Goals In 5 Minutes And Ibrahimovich Eclipsed Ronaldo

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June 2, 2022
4 minutes

Victory «milan» above «juventus» with a score of 4: 2 returned intrigue into a series a. Large defeat has become a real surprise for the championship leaders. We disassemble key points of the game and interesting facts.

The Match'Juventus' - Milan became the main sensation of the day: Rossoneri issued 3 goals in 5 minutes, and Ibrahimovich eclipsed Ronaldo

«Juventus» – «milan» (series a): ibrahimovich coldocksen, ronaldo is dangerous

Match of the italian series and between «juventus» and «milan» belly you can call the main sports sensation of the day: «rossoneri» defeated «old senior» with a score of 4: 2. The match turned out to be spectacular and unpredictable: the teams at the same time spent the fist half, without having a single goal. All six goals were clogged in the second part of the game. Moreover, in just the first 8 minuts of the second half «juve» scored twice: rabno and cristiano ronaldo distound.

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Full-time at the san siro. #milanjuve 4-2 #finoallafine #forzajuve

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In a separate article, we talked about the unexpected transformation of the portuguese striker.

If the score on the scoreboard remained, then «zebras» early be champions. However, w «milan» there were other plans. Within five minutes ibrahimovich implemented a penalty and after this helped to successfully hold two attacks, which ended with the goals of cesce and leau. Point in the match put rabić, scoring the last goal in the match at the 80th minute.

Two-nil down, ha? Ok
2-0 per voi, eh? Ok @ ibra_official #milanjuve #sempremilan pic.Twitter.Com / sifn4al9tx

— ac milan (@acmilan)
july 8, 2020

«Juventus» in this match:

  • Missed the opportunity to become champions early;
  • For the first time in 7 years, i missed 4 goals within the series a;
  • Missed 4 goals from «milan» for the first time in 31 years;
  • Interrupted the 7th-match victorious series in the series.

Despite such a not rainbow position, it is impossible to say that «juventus» fully failed the match. The case is rather b «milan»: the team seriously added after quarantine. Perfectly fit into the team and experienced zlatan ibrahimovich. Note that the confrontation of ibrahimovich and ronaldo was almost the main highlight of the game: the strongest forwards faced face to face in one of the key matches of the championship.


Ibra in the post-match comments in the inherent style declared that he appears in «milan» at the beginning of the year – the team would accurately take the championship. The swedish striker also called himself a player, president and coach at the same time.

But even in the context of the personal opposition of the attackers «juventus» led «milan»: ibra overtook criro in the number of heads in the game and got the highest assessment – 8.3, while the portuguese – 7.3. However, ronaldo managed to improve personal statistics: forward distinguished itself with useful actions on the 17th match in a row, and also scored more than 25 goals in the championship for the tenth time.

According to the instructor of turinsev sarry, the first 60 minutes of the game everything was fine until it happened «loss of consciousness». The specialist is convinced that his team played well, so they will not dwell on this defeat in turin, throwing all the forces to prepare for the next game.

We advise you to read our special article in which we disassembled the conflict between ronaldo and coach «juventus».

At this moment «zebras» go first in the series and with a margin of 7 points from «lazio». In their asset 75 points. «Milan» ranks fifth place with 49 points.

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