The Monopoly Gambling Operator Of Norway Supports Society In Difficult Times

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May 20, 2022
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Norwegian gambling monopoly last year distributed 5.5 billion kroons ($ 515.3 million) to the implementation of important public projects. The gambling industry is increased by 14.6%.

The Monopoly Gambling Operator of Norway Supports Society In Difficult Times

In 2018, the amount transmitted by operators to the implementation of socially important projects was 4.8 billion crowns. The government of the country retained 131 million kroons, which will now be used to fight the coronavirus pandemic in the country.

Norsk tipping listed 2.7 billion kroons in the norway sports organizations, 697.2 million were transferred to local sports projects. The culture sector received 804.8 million kroons. A similar amount generated by the gambling operator was transferred to public organizations.

We also note that the gambling regulator of the country launched a new campaign for responsible gembling. Follow details.

For health care and rehabilitation programs, a total of 305.7 million kroons were transferred. Another 15 million crowns were used as financial support for initiatives related to minimizing the risks of problem behavior among players.

The distribution of funds occurs in accordance with the requirements set out in the igor legislation of norway. According to the rules, 6.4% of the funds generated by the gaming operator must be transferred to the needs of the health and rehabitation segment. The balance of funds is distributed according to such a scheme – 64% on sports needs, 18% for cultural projects and as much as much – add to non-commercial and humanitarian organizations.

The ministry of culture of norway also identified with the leadership of norsk tipping for the period of the annual meeting, which will be held next year.

Candidates of executives were chosen on the basis of the need to supplement the council of industry.

Recall that the gambling regulator of norway has banned a number of organizations holding charitable lottery draws. More about it in a separate material.

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