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January 10, 2022
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Ukrainian boxer alexander ukiv, who this year won the title of absolute champion mara is the first heavyweight, was named espn the best boxer of 2018.


2018 turned out to ukrainian very saturated. Olympic champion of 2012 sport three complex, but positive commodity. In january, in the semifinals of the boxing series wbss, the mustache coped in a serious battle with the latvian miiris briedish and added to his wbc wbc title to his belt.

In just six months, alexander met in the final of the super series with the not known before this defeat (26 – 0) murata gassiev. The title of absolute world champion was standing at konou, as the russian owned by two other main belts – ibf and wba. The fight also launched 12 rounds, butache fully controlled the course of the battle and defeated the course of the champion of the judges, adding the champion title and the cup of mohammed ali to the belts.

Documentary film about the mustache «absolute champion»

But also did not finish the ukrainian calendar year. In november, the mustache was defended his titles wbc champion in the first heavyweight weight and at that time successfully speaking in super tony belyla. The battle took place in manchester and ended early. Alexander in the eighth round sent an experienced athlete in a knockout.

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All merits in 2018, an authoritative sports channel espn on its official site called alexander stunny buser. The editor noted that the choice was very simple: the ukrainian, having behind the shoders and so impressive merit, for these 365 days even stronger «prost».

Mastering manager egis klimas commenting on this news, stressed:

«I do not see another boxer that could compare with it… the only reason for which recognition could get another, – this is what he did not fought in the usa. However, he spent all his fights on the territory of the opponent».

The list of applicants for the title of the best boxer 2018 according to the espn version, which alexander ukiv went around, looks like this:

  • Vasily lomachenko;
  • Miki garcia;
  • Anthony joshua;
  • Maurice hucker.

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