The National Team And Advertising For The Government: The Cases Of The Figure Of Eugene Plushenko Went Uphill

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May 30, 2022
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Evgeny plushenko with yana rudkovskaya and gnome-dwarfs, starred in advertising about the vote on amendments to the constitution of the russian federation. Star family spoke about the importance to express their position by voting. Subscribers’s reaction did not make himself wait. Even conspiracy theories appeared.

The National Team and Advertising For The Government: The Cases of the Figure of Eugene Plushenko Went Uphill

Russian figure skater plushenko with family starred in advertising for the government: subscribers are unhappy

Russian figure skater and coach evgeny plushenko starred in advertising about the importance of voting for / against amendments to constitutition of the russian federation. The roller appeared in «instagram» olympic champion. The essence of advertising is the conscription of russians to participate in voting. In the video of yana rudkovskaya and their son alexander appeared in the video.

Stars of show business in advertising depicts the perfect russian family, where parents are engaged in enlighting the child. In the form of a monologue of rudkovskaya, addressed to the next sasha, who considers huge russia on the globe, all the necessary information was announced. It was about the importance of the position of each and influence of the voting on the fate of russians.

In a separate material, we talked about leisure family plushenko and rudkovskaya on quarantine.

In particular, he writes that of plushenko, he writes that the voice of each russian im important, so you should not deprecize your position. It is also mentioned that muscovites can vote in online format. Note that many subscribers perceived advertising as campaigning vote for amendments. At the same time, the family did not voiced his own position in this matter, calling for compatriots only not to to ignore the vote.

Russian Figure Skater Plushenko

In general, the reaction turned out to be ambiguous. Most commentators steated that would vote against, since the amendments would negatively affect their lives. Those who most of all were outraged by the appearance of a 7-year-old gnome-dwarf in a roller with political agitation. Some subscribers convicted rudkovskaya and plushenko for attracting a little son to advertising like this type.


In a special material, we disassembled the reasons for the care of alexandra underway from etray tutberidze to yevgeny plushenko.

At the end of the signature, plushenko’s video mentioned that he would vote in an online format with kislovodsk, where sports fees are sport now. By the way, the day beore it became known that the olympic champion became the coach of the russian national team. This news appeared in the media last night.

This news also managed to fire out among numerous comments under the post of voting by amendments. Part of the subscribers of the olympic championship believe that the receipt of the position may be associated with the support of the amendments to the figure skater, and call the status of the coach of the russian national team «plata» for roller.

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