The Norwegian Government Intends To Regulate The Gambling Business For A Single Law

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June 10, 2022
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The european commission will take the authority to conduct a revised legislation of norway on gambling aimed at combining three laws – about lotteries, gambling and tote, – saving a monopoly norsk tipping and norsk rikstoto.


The appropriate notification was received to the european commission in june, after the ministry of culture of the ministry of culture on the union of igor market. It noted that now advice on adoption of the law will last not until september 29, as previously announced. Waiting period for making changes extended until november 13.

The main objective of the proposed law iso to prevent problems related to gambling, as well as esuring the conditions of responsible gambling in accordance with the main objectives of the norwegian policies for the protection of problem players.

By the way, earlier we wrote that according to the results of the study, the purchase of lutboks leads to the dependence on gambling, according to australian scientists.

It is also noted that the law will provide a more consistent and systematic approch to the risk assessment and application of sanctions in the branch of gambling business. The revised law establishes that norsk tipping and norsk rikstoto monopolists will be required to work under a more stringent public supervision and comply all license requirements. Is known that non-profit organizations will now also receive the opportunity to offer gambling with low revs and low prizes.


The existing ban on the transfer of deposit and winning payments that are associated with gambling offered by operators wort permission remains in force just as the provision on the transfer of part of the profits from legal games to non-commercial organizations.

It is expected that the promotion of gambling will be alloded on limited basis. Marketing campaigns should not be aimed at vulnerable groups. In case of violations, the lotteri-og stiftelsesesestilsynet regulator will apply sanctions in the form of fines and suspend of licenses. Also, the supervisory authority can recommend internet providers to post warning messages on web sites. It expected that additional provisions will be added adoption of the basic law.

Recall, a new regulator has been appointed in the bulgarian gambling market.

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