The Number Of Cyberatacs Around The World Grows, But Russia Is An Exception

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June 20, 2022
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In august countries of the world, the number of security violations in cyberspace has increased compared with the two previous months. In australia, the figure incrased by 19%, in the uk – by 15%. Russia was the only exception to russia. Here, the number of cyber in the month decreased by 6%.

In Russia, Fix 6% Less Kiberatak - Report Per Monh

Software and cybersecurity software developer imperva, inc. Published a report on the cyber ​​throat index for august 2020. In most countries, during this period there were an increase in the number of security incidents. At the same time, the number of attempts of attacks with leakage of data aimed at apache servers, git repositories and databases increased by 30%. The purpose of these attacks of financial services platform. Since may, there is an increase in attempts at attacks with a data leakage by 55%.

Also in the trend towards the growth of the total rating of cyber ​​threat index, which is already observed for the second month in a row. It is reported that gambling sites face larger ddos attacks and the vulnerability of their networks continues to grow.

Cyber ​​threat index raised by six points in july and in august. It is now 798 points due to an increase in the identified vulnerabilities with a high level of risk and the increase in the number of security incidents by. At the number of blocked malicious requests decreased, which indicates more targeted tactics and fewer random.

The scale of ddos attacks on gambling sites also increased. In imperva research labs, compared the two largest attacks for july and august. So, in july, the attack was recorded at a speed ​​of 250 thousand. Queries per second (rps), and in august – 281 thousand.

Also in the report named the sector, which is more thanfors lost position in the ranking. On the sitees of the tourist industry, the volume of attendance is three times lower compared with the indicator of august 2019. From november 2019 to april of the current year, traffic decreased monthly as covid-19 pandemic spread. The indicator began to grow in may. Also, the number of incidents of security violations on tourist websites has decreased by 40%.

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