The Number Of Gembling-Dependent Estonians Continues To Grow Wave Of Covid-19

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July 1, 2022
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In estonia, the luda of casino has strengthened the position among the population and continues to increase the pace. According to the advisory center on gembling-dependence, it was the first wave of pandemic covid-19 in march of the current year on the dynamics.

The Number of Gembling-Dependent Estonians Continues to Grow Wave Of Covid-19

The organization argue that the consequency of quarantine restrictions will affect the long term. The increment of the dependent occurred at the expense of young users who received unlimited access to computer games, and an adult population trying to compensate for the lack of income to win in the casino.

Due to the cancellation of quarantine, children were heavier to move from distance learning to stationary. Teachers noted the heavy psychophysical state of adolescents wh reported that they were often played in computer games. Senior users appealed to gambling platforms in two cases – from boredom and with plans to improve material condition, as reported by the representative of the center of pylle riine inertmitte.

According to the the representativive of the organization, most of those who appealed to the organization for help with suspicion of gambling addiction, – boys and men. Basically, these users come with parents and the closest family members. In critical cases, the social services, the protection of children’s rights, employees of psychoneurological hospitals or psychiatrists.

In the ministry of social affairs of estonia believe that the problem is a priority for decision. On this occasion, the minister tannel kiyk issued an order to finance services for the support of the gembling-dependent categories of the population in the amount of €200 thousand. In the period 2021-2023. According to the plan, the ministry will also hold a number of studies of ludomania among juvenile users. Partner will be the consulting center.

By the way, in the inspection on the supervision of lottery and gambling latvia earlier, 70 thousand were recorded in the country. Citizens with a pronounced form of dependence on gambling, which is 6% of the total number. 1.3% have installed heavy ludomania.

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