The Number Of Illegal Slot Machines In Kazakhstan Decreases

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April 21, 2022
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The reason for the reduction of the number of illegal slot machines was the appearance of the electronic lottery lotomatic. The project launched in the current year is distinguished by the total system transparency.

The number of illegal slot machines in Kazakhstan decreases

At the moment, it is known that more than 2 billion tenge was derived from illegal turnover. At the same time, 15% of income company sends to the development of the country’s sports industry.

It is known that kazakhstaning committee’s financial monitoring committee makes significant efforts to counterat illegal gambling. For ten monchs more thank were seized, the main part of which fell on:

  1. Shymkent.
  2. Almaty.
  3. Aktobe and almaty region.

According to the head of the department of working with media arman zhuunusov, at the moment, the activities of three ogs are revealed, whose activities are associated with illlegal business. Total for the current year, 303 material was notic for which criminal liability is envisaged.

From may in the country there is an electronic lottery lotomatic, the main difference of which is the absence of paper tickets. The whole procedure is done instantly on the screen.

Indition to deductions in favor of sports, the company regularly pays taxes and is configured to solve the task to protect minors from games. To distinguish the original lotomatic from the fake, it im important to pay attention to the external design. The color of the original object – yellow-blue. Also, it must be attended:

  • Qr code guiding to the official site of the lottery.
  • Corporate logo.
  • Id number.

Currently, about 3.5 thousand similar terminals are registered at lotomatic.

Recall, according to the study, the attitude of ukrainian citizens to lotteries, casinos and bookmakers.

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