The Number Of Tourists Macau Increased By 25% In January

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January 31, 2022
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According to official data, in january, 3,43 million tourists visited in january. The indicator exceeded last year’s 24.Nine%.

The number of tourists Macau increased by 25% in January

Information on attendance was published on the website of the state statistics service and population census macau. According to the report, in comparison with december 2018, the figure fell by 4.1%.

Despite the fact that the influx of tourists is an indicator of harmonious business development, investment analysts note that there is no direct correlation between the number of visitors and the income of gambling institutions.

According to statistics, 1.78 million tourists with a day visit visited macau last monh, which is 48.8% more than a year earlier.

On average, visitors stay in macau from one to two days. The number of people who remained at least one night increased by 10.7% (1.64 million tourists).

The number of visitors from the mainland china increased by 2.51 million, which is 29.9% more than a year earlier. Most arrived in special tourist groups. South korean citizens increased by 1.6% (99,463 guests).

Opening of the gong kong bridge – zhuhai – macau contributed to the simplification of the route of travelers from hong kong and mainland china. In january 443,908 tourists took advantage of the means of crossing the entrance to macau. For comparison: the number of arrivals by the sea decreased by 35.One%.

Local authorities invest significant funds in marketing campaigns, designed to extend tourist stay in a special administrative area. This is due to the fact that the connection has already been established between the duration of stay and the influx of funds that affect the income of gambling establishments.

Recall: according to analysts, the process of renewing concesions for gambling establishments macau will give the opportunity to reform the gambling industry.

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