The Order Of Performance Of Figure Skaters At The Russian Cup Became Known

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January 28, 2022
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The results of the draw of the short program are known for the final of the russian cup final among women, which will be held in nizny novgorod. Evgenia medvedev will start a performance before tuktamysheva.

The Order of Performance of Figure Skaters At The Russian Cup Became Known

For a long time the russian cup final for figure skating was not so saturated with star athletes. Two world champion will be competed for the victory on one ice: evgenia medvedev and elizabeth tuktamysheva. Their confrontation has already dubbed central in the upcoming final among women. The participation of these figure skaters has become possible due to the need to determine the third athlete, which will enther the russian national team at the upcoming world championships in japan.

With a lot of probability, the names of two of the three figure skaters are aready known: alina zagitova, who won this season «silver» finals of the grand prix and the european championship, and sophia samorav, who took «gold».

Yesterday, a draw was held in the tournament, in which the sequence of performances of figure skater was determined. According to her results, it became known that the main rivals for the place at the world cup will speak one after another. Eugene received number 4, and elizabeth – five.

The order of performance of figure skater at the Cup of Russia-51861-088 became known

Rates of the short program start on february 21 at 19:00 moscow time. Arbitrary program is scheduled the next day at 14:00. Speech of figure skaters will complete the official part of the entire final of the russian cup.

Rental of short program

Medvedev vs tuktamysheva: who is worthy of trips to the world cup

Figure skating federation fell into a difficult situation. On the one hand, the two-time world champion evgeny medvedev should get into the national team. She won this tournament for two years in a row (2016 and 2017), and in 2018 missed him due to injury, and no one could fully replace it. So, alina zagitova, that tournament failed, rolling only on the 5th place, and sotskova and konstantinov were on the 8th and 19th, respectively. Taking into account her previous achievements, medvedev deserved to get to this tournament. But here the psychological form of an athlete intervened, which after the olympic games began to fail.

Eugene this season is clearly not asked. First she does not go to the grand prix finals, and then takes only the seventh place on the czech republic 2019, which does not allow her to break through the european championship. With this position of things, previous victories do not play. However, the federation, whose honorary president urged not to pay attention to the former failures of the athlete, gave the girl a chance.

But not one eugene will have to prove its right to admit to the world cup. In already, it would seem, the classical confrontation of medvedev – zagitova (which happens primarily in the heads of fans of athletes) intervened the third force – elizabeth tuktamysheva. World championship 2015 on the contrary issued one of the best seasons in his career. The ward alexei mishina won several international forums, ranked thrd in the final and was one of the favorite on the russian championship. At the same time, which did not give an athlete to speak.

Due to the inflammonation of the lungs elizabeth, you missed the european championship and directly to display on the world cup. According to some some success could be the third vacant place in the national team to give her, but the federation, apparently, questioned the sports form in which tuktamyshev stays after recovery.

Each of the athletes certainly deserves a chance to prove its level and represent russia at the world championships, but everything will only decide the quality of their rental. Do not forget about stanislav konstantinova, which in minsk ranked fourth and will also fight in nizhny novgorod.

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