The Parliament Of New Zealand Filed A Bill With Reforms

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April 25, 2022
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Winston peters, minister of racing new zealand, presented a bill referring to the race industry. The document is the second in the legislative process aimed at revising the structure of the department in new zealand.

The Parliament of New Zealand Filed A Bill With Reforms

Din mccenzie, chairman of the profile regulator (rita), will take on the position of executive director of the carent main executive officer of the current main alllen at the end of this year. Currently, mccenzie is confident that the necessary sustainability of the bell will help in ensuringue. He also said that her revival is largely connected with government support. Estimated changes are expected to be so global that the draft law states the creation of a new leakage law.

It the completion of the most significant reform in this area since 2003 and should the law on the reform of the ramp, which entered into force on july 1 and incorporating gradual cancellation on the taxation of rates. At the same time, mackenzie added that the jumps represent an important cultural and economic reservoir of the country, as the contribute about $ 1.6 billion to the conditions for the existency of about 14 thousand. Industry representatives. Government support will lead to an increase in employment, improving exports and a total increase in revenue to the budget of new zealand.

Rita is waiting for the opportunity to make its contribution to the process of choosing the committee of the law, which reforms the influence of races. The bill released on december 5 will replace rita with a new organ – tab nz, which will act as the only betting provider on racing and sports events in new zealand.

The Bill Released On December 5 Will Replace Rita With A New Body - Tab NZ

The draft law states that tab nz focuses on increasing profits in the interests of the country’s racing industry, and will make efforts to minimize risks from gambling. Tab nz will also introduce new betting products after approval performed by an independent body.

The bill gave grounds for the establishment of the council on honest jumps responsible for questions on individual industrial niches. The document is the second part of the reform package. The law on reform also establishes new taxes, including new fees for using tracks.

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