The Patriarch Of All Georgia Called Gambling Evil Acts

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January 13, 2022
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Catholicos patriarch of all georgia during the christmas epistle facing the pacity, equated gambling for drugs addiction and acts of the king judea herod.

The Patriarch of All Georgia Called Gambling Evil ACTS

Orthodox temples of georgia on the night of january 6-27 held festive worship services. The patriarch service took place in the caminda caminda cathedral in tbilisi. In his address to the flushing ii called drug addiction, abortions and gambling acts of tsar herod.

«And in our time it (herod – approximate. Red.) acts are manifested in different ways: the blost of babies interrupted by an abortition, calls heaven, drug addiction, gambling or immoral lifestyles are circumscribed by thousands of young people, and these crimes require a response from us», – specified in the epistole.

Also, the head of the georgian church declared the importance of freedom of speech and stresed that the sinful environment is formed due to ignoring the.

Recall that the georgian parliament planned to revise legislation regulating the gambling business of the country during the autumn session. It was assumed that a ban on advertising gembling near sports, medical and educational institutions will be introduced. However, the decision on the restriction of business was not unanimous: many experts opposed the new law.

At the same time, the turnover of gambling business in georgia has shown rapid dynamics in recent years and is one of the key factors of the state economic growth.

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