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April 27, 2022
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Estonian involvement in gambling reduces. Despite this, the number of cases associated with problem gembling, over the past two years remained at the same level.

The Popularity of Gambling In The Estonian Market Fell

The ministry of finance of estonia initiated a study in order to determine the patterns of the behavior of participants in gambling operations. In the process was surveyed 3 thousand. Residents of the country aged 15 to 74 years. The survey took into account a two-year participation period in gambling entertainment.

According to the results of the study, estonians have become much less frequenly involved in gambling. The assertion is fair both in relation to various types of gembling and to the forms of participation – a visit to land-based gambling institutions and online sites.

Two years ago, it was stated 66% of respondents took part in one of the forms of gambling. According to relevant information, only 50% of respondents were interested in gambling entertinment. The number of visitors to ground gambling objects has decreased from 59 to 41%, and participation in online entertainment – from 40 to 31%.

Recall that the estonian gambling market was launched in 2010.

It has been found that the refusal to participate in gembling operations is equally characteristic both for women’s and for men’s audience. According to the level of user welfare, the longer the percentage of gambling. Do not want to part with gembling operations, representatives of the least financial secured layers.

Refusal to Participate in Gembling Operations IS Equally Characteristic Both for Women's and for Men's Audience

The most popular gambling game is still a lottery. Participation in lottery operations decreased by 25%, and in the bookmakers – by 1%. A little more users became an online casino segment – by 1%, but poker is played by 1% less estonians.

According to the results of the study, 13% of respondents are in the risk group, that is, either there are already problematic behavior in relation to gembling operations, or pone to it. It is significant that this indicator increased by 1%.

The most common motivation for participation in gambling was the desire to winc cash (46%). At the same time, 43% of respondents participate in gambling as entertainment.

Estonian government will redirect 1% of tax revenues from gambling on financing of responsible gambling programs.

Recall that the former minister of entonian entrepreneurship urva palo decided to become part of the gambling industry, heading novoloto.

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