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April 20, 2022
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According to the legalization of gambling simultaneously and is alarming and encouraging.

The Positive Torque No. 2285 IS A HIGH LICENSE Price - Vadim Missura
Content: 1. On the unity of the opinions of lawmakers and contoversial moments2. Licensing position3. On availability of gambling for foreigners in ukraine4. About gembling advertising5. About transitional periods for operators

Vadim missura, director of public relass ltd «pari-match», general director of the development of bookmakes, during the round table in ia «ukrinform» gave assessment to legislative inititives and proposed by deputies working on a legally gambling market.

According to him, the norms offered by some projects that are far from the legalization of the gambling market, and encourages the number of proposals, as it contributees to the proceeding process of gambling in ukraine. We present the opinion of the expert on positive and negative trends, licensing conditions, advertising, transitional period for lottery operators and the fight against ludomania.

On the unity of the opinions of legislators and contoversial moments

Is important that the context in all versions of the bills shared: the market of betting and gambling in ukraine exists. Theraefore, in general, the cabinet of ministers of ukraine, the presidential instructions to create a law on state regulation of activities in the field of gambling and the emergence of other draft laws in the same direction. This should ensure admission to the state budget, the protection of citizens from illegal organizers of gambling and the fight against gambling addiction.

Analyzing various versions of bills, allocate both unifying points and extremely controversial.


The unity of opinions can be traced in such moments:

  • Support for the principles of the responsible game and prevent gambling dependence;
  • The need to regulate the industry by a separate state body;
  • Tax rates on turnover and profits, already mainly provided for by the current tax code;
  • Creating an online monitoring system (although not everything is worked out in law, but there can already be a legislative decision);
  • Strengthening responsibility for the illegal organization of games and in some bills – and for the inaction of law enforcement officials;
  • Creation of the foundation for the the support of medicine, sport and culture and the like.

There are points and less unambiguous unity, for example, in the question of limiting of gambling points, license costs, determining the lottery status as a gaming game. The legislators do not fully agree on the need for fiscalization through cash registsers.

Given that the texts of alternative bills only appeared, they require additional analysis.

Licensing position

The positive point of the draft law no. 2285 filed by the cabinet of ministers is a high license price. The monthly subsistence minimum for able bodied citizens in ukraine. There is a limit on the number of licenses, which can increase the size of the board for the. This guarantees the coming to ukraine of companies configured to large investments.

Licensing Position

Negative moment – it is the limited number of gambling operators. In ukraine, considerable potential for the development of the gambling market, but legislators include:

  • Only 20 licenses for the casino;
  • 160 – for slot machines with a limitation by the number of not more thank 40,000 throughout ukraine;
  • Five five – for offline and online poker clubs;
  • One – for lottery;
  • 10 – for bookmakers and online casinos;
  • 80 – for bookmakers with a restiction of no more than 800 bookmakers on the territory of ukraine.

It not clear why bookmakers and online casinos are combined, as well as so limited in the number of work permits in the market. If these restrictions persist, there is a risk that the gambling market will partially remain in the shade.

About the availability of gambling for foreigners in ukraine

The draft law no. 2285 is still impossible to participate in foreign players in gambling in ukraine, because it requires, except for the original identity document, present an individual tax number (inn), which citizens have no other countries. However, today more and more country conquers the right to hold such competitions as euro 2012. Thus, hundreds of thousands of people who can come to ukraine will be deprived of the opportunity to make rates on sporting events, participate in other types of gambling, and this significantly narrows replenishment of the state budget.

About advertising gembling

About Advertising Gembling

Not qte understandable approach to advertising gambling. It is proposed for a complete ban on outdoor advertising in any form. Of course, the requirements for outdoor advertising shold be: serious to protect the most susceptible social groups. But the full ban is seen more like an attempt to remove the problem question than to solve it systemically.

About transitional periods for operators

Lack of transition can slow down the launch of gambling market. After the entry into force, for example, draft law no. 2285, the laws on the ban on gambling business and about state lotteries lose force. Lottery operators and distributors will not be able to carry out their activities. What time is it undertaking to fully start the gambling market? Now it is difficult to predict. Therefore, before creating an authorized body, a logical step is to provide conditions for continuing activities by legal entities that produced and conducted lotteries or distributed them, in accordance with the terms of the new law and within the framework of only those borders that will be indicated in it, as well as after payment of the required information as activities of the ministry of the activities of the ministry of finance of ukraine. The state budget will immediately begin to receive the begin to creation of a specialized commission, an online monitoring system, medicine, sports and culture and t. P.

«My experience shows that the number of bills should not affect the deadlines for the adoption of the law. Given the monotolshit in parliament, you need to define one or two basic bills in the near future, – this is a classic work in parliament, – which should be a unifying platform for various opinions. We have the first, second, third reading and adoption in genreal. Thus, today you need not only to discuss and cut off bills, but also to identify that platform on the basis of which to combine all efforts and come to a common opinion», – summarizes vadim missura.

Previously, we reported that draft law no. 2285 is not finalized, including in terms of licensing equipment and information security.

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