The President Of The Sbr Drachev Resigned: The Reason To Be Adopted Amendments To The Constitution

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June 3, 2022
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President sbr vladimir drachev left the russian biathlon: politician and former athlete announced resignation. Work in the state duma turned out to be a priority for dracheva. This will directly affect the upcoming election of the new head of the biathlete of russia, which will take place tomorrow.

The President of the SBR Drachev resigned: the reason to be adopted amendments to the Constitution

In the sbr dracheva holiday: a new person will come to the presidency soon

On the eve of the new elections for the post of head of the union of biathlonists, russia announced her former president – vladimir drachev. For many fans and athletes, this news was good, given the scale of criticism, which for months was to the head of the sbr.

Today, in fact, the last working day of dracheva: already tomorrow, july 11, at the cbr conference will avail the new president. I wonder what candidates were only two, one of which – drachev himself. Just yesterday, the former head of the union of biathlonov admitted the media that because of the workload would not be able to participate in a press conference scheduled for july 9. Drachev accentuated that he would participate in the elections and the message of the press conference does not affect.

As it turned out later – influence. This morning on the official website of the union of biathletes, the news of the resignation of vladimir dracheva appeared, which he told colleagues as well july 9th. In the material on the sbr website, the farewell speech of dracheva, in which he told about the reasons of resignation.

In a separate article, we disassembled one of the scandals around the work of dracheva.

The former head of the sbr drachev said he had sharply realized that his work in the state duma now requires a maximum concentration on new bills. This is caused by the amendments to the constitution. Politician says that work in the state duma will not allow him to pay enough time to prepare for the olympic games in 2022, but he is always ready to help the advice of his successor.

Vladimir Drachev

Also, vladimir drachev did not adopt himself with compliments in a farewell needle: the former head of the sbr said that he was pleased to see how much useful was made by him personally for the benefit of biathlon.

The reaction of most witnesses of the dracheva’s work in the rcb was perfectly transferred to the two olympic champion dmitry vasilyev. Athlete stated that care from vladimir’s post – the most reasonable decision for the ex-president for the entire period of work in the biathlon union. Vasilyev is convinced that the official needed to leave earlier, so now his opinion is unlikely to be taken into account.

There is a theory that colleagues dracheva «united russia» urged him to leave the post in the cbr, since the likely failure in early elections can harm the parties. According to sports.Ru, on the eve of vladimir drachev met with the chairman of the state duma vyacheslav volodin, immediately after which he canceled a meeting with the press.

Well, it remains to wait for the official entry into the position of head of the remaining candidate – viktor mayguurova.

We advise you to read our separate material in which we disassembled viktor mayguurov’s words about the work of vladimir dracheva in the sbr.

Earlier, we wrote about the scandalous advertising amendments to the constitution from the figyrian family evgenia plushenko.

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