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March 29, 2022
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Igor makiyevsky, representative of the entertainment industry, outlined his own position regarding the legalization of the estimated volume of gambling market and tax revenues from gembling operations, and also told why the problem is unnecessary politicized.

The Problem of Gembling Business in Ukraine Is Overly Politicized - Makiyevsky

The expert is a representative of the all-ukrainian association of emploreers of the entertainment and leisure industry, the last few years took an active part in the development and promotion of legislation regulating the legal industry in ukraine.

The very decision of the industry, the specialist supports and believees that the zelensky team is able to establish a qualitative dialogue of business and state representatives.

One of the assumptions of journalists regarding the motives of the imf of the imf of the imf. Makiyevsky notes that the imf indicates those sectors of the economy, which the state does not use, but the profit from their work would not only filled the treasury, but also allowed to pay off the international structure at least partially.

According to the preliminary estimates of the expert, the ukrainian budget can receive about 5 billion hryvnia as tax earnings, and the market turnover is estimated at $ 1 billion.

Makiyevsky focuses on the fact that the problem of gambling business is overly politicized. Speaking about the industry, the fist thing is remembered another important problem – corruption. However, according to the expert himself, not everything is so simple, and the approach to resolving the situation shold be as delicate as possible. Because in fact, whorever raised the topic of legalization, he is immediately accused of lobbying someone’s interests.

According to the specialist, in ukraine it is necessary to legalize absolutely all kinds of gembling services, which would be available only to a certain category of citizens. It should be understood that the economic goals of the state are unattainable with partial legalization of one segment.

Recall that one of the possible locations for the development of the gambling industry, on the assumption of journalists, can be a ski resort «bukovel».

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