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June 14, 2022
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Bars of Partner Links Casino Twitch Begins Today

Twitch, one of the largest available streaming platforms, has decided to prohibit users of the service share links to sites offering roulette, dice or video gallery. To date, the "bars of partner links twitch casino", announced a few days ago to prevent fraud and malicious activities.

This new rule will prohibit the joint use of all online casino affiliate references, which may be an end to the increases in the number of video slots, roulettes and gaming content in the bone. I repeat, this is a ban on the exchange of referral references and bonus codes using the reference capabilities of twitch.

This news appeared shortly after a public protest that twitch does not censorship its online gambling streams, while there was a threat that the twitch casino streamers may encounter legalization; prosecution. Studies show that high percentage of streamers under the age when allowed to play gambling, have access to gaming content on social cutting platforms. It worries that these threads look optimistic and exciting, and theraefore can contribute to problems with gambling in the future. Many of them show players with major winnings that can encourage young people believe that the can make a player career or that gambling is an easy way to get rich.

Now twitch demonstrates some willingness to put an end to the saga, but how far the flow platform will go? Is it enough to prohibit referral links? In our previous report, one of the raised problems was the disclosure of streams related to gambling for minor cutting audience. It sems that the ban on partner links does not cover this.

Today’s ban means that we have achieved a deadline during which creators and users can delete all related referral codes or links. This means that from today’s / tomorrow, anyone who does not comply with the rules can be subjected to sanctions, including the harsh sanctions by twitch. Twitch reported that even after the expiration of the deadline, he will strive to closely monitor accounts on all platforms to ensure the lack of exchange content related to gambling. Twitch emphasizes that, if necessary, revise the rules and provisions.


To some extent, the answer is yes. Partner links pay the commission of the strimera for everyone who goes on it. It seems that there are no more links or the must be, but not channels of gambling or special content of the survey of gambling. Streamers still can make money in online gambling niche, but with the help of paid reviews and oral recommendations, instead of adding links to casino. This is not a completely 100% solution to the problem, but, from the point of view of the twitch manual, it shows that the company takes measures.

"Good time" ended with the prohibition of partner links twitch casino?

For some time, popular streams on twitch unexpectedly changed the topic of their channel, turning on the striming with gambling. With free bonus offers, for which the streamer receive partner commissions. This is an honest game and good business, but after a squall of twitch complaints took a certain position. Popular channels with thousand spectators – effective influentials in their niche. However, the money paid by the casino casinies for switching the topics or the played in game. As as already mentioned, the streamers with a huge number of subscribers can still broadcast the casino content and are likely to receive money from some casinos, aggregators and affiliates. Nevertheless, affiliate links and links to casino content are not allowed. It still can cause problems because it means that juvenile streamers still can access game content or at least still visible.

Are oral directions allowed?

In the new rules there is no mention of oral referrals, placement of screenshots of links or bonus codes for online casinos and bid sites, and advertising these urls and bonus codes may well be a workaround solution, although not as effective as the presence of a leading partner link.

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