The Reason For The Transition De Ligut In Juventus Became Sarry, And Not Ronaldo

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March 21, 2022
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At his first press conference as a football player of turin «juventus» matteis de ligt spoke about his own experiencees and about the main causes and criteria for which the dutchman chose a new team for himself. As it turned out, not ronaldo, but sarry played a decisive role.

The Reason for the Transition De Ligut in Juventus Became Sarry, and not Ronaldo

At the first press conference, mattas told about many

19-year-old defender moved from «ayjax» in turinsky «juventus» for 85 million euros. Yesterday, july 18, the italian club advertied information about the successful implementation of the transaction, the hand to which, according to the majority, attached cristiano ronaldo.

«Sono orgoglioso di essere qui».
Le parole di matthijs de ligt ????In conferenza stampahttps: // t.Co / dke5v5qdbv # turndeligton pic.Twitter.Com / 6avjqsbxyz

— juventusfc (@juventusfc)
july 19, 2019.

However, answering questions, de ligt mentioned that the reason was not at all in a conversation with the portuguese:

«I decided that i want to join the team before the final of the league of nations, but i was still extremely pleasant when ronaldo suggested joining, despite the fact that it did not matter. Before that, i talked to sarry by phone, before transition to «juventus». He was one of the reasons why i wanted to join the team. I heard a lot of good things about him, and i like his football philosophy and how he works with protection».

Dutchman added that tactic «juventus» close to him. Moreover, the mattet noted that protection in italy is specific to the fact that the defenders are located on the field zero, hold together. This may cause the football player to be useful for the turin team.

???? De ligt: «ho 19 anni. Posso ancora migliorare e voglio farlo, lavorando duramente e dimostrando che sono qui per imparare»#turndeligton

— juventusfc (@juventusfc)
july 19, 2019.

Also a 19-year-old football cradle considers italy «traditional» the country in style games for defenders. He described «ajax» as a youth environment, and «juventus» – as a source of experience and opportunity to learn from such athletes like cieleini, buffon, ronaldo and others.

Earlier, we wtrote about the return of gonzalo iguaine in «juventus».

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