The Roofer Won £ 258,000 Thanks To One Of The Rarest Chains In Blackjack

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July 25, 2022
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The Roofer Won £ 258,000 in Blackjack

The life of a roofer who visited leeds casino with his work comrades, has ever changed after a jackpot win in the amount of 258,750 pounds sterling. His owner was 36-year-old richard.

The situation occurred in the glasvenor casino leeds westgate. Richard and his friends at work from the city of darlington decided to spend the evening in a casino after a hard day. The main character is a fan of card entertainment, so quickly mastered the table for blackjack and began the playing session well. He could not imagine what would happen in ace fell to him and the daaler, one of the rarest distributions in the game.

Commenting on his victory, richard said: "to be honest, in the process of hobbies i did not understand that i won the jackpot. My friend wanted to tell and inform about it, but even he could not believe in what was happening. The amount turned out to be some kind of transcendent, unreal for me. It was the first time i visied grosvenor casino leeds westgate. But this night has become the happiest in life. I would also like to say a huge thak you all employees of the institution that helped me with taste to celebrate victoria ".

Grosvenor casino leeds westgate casino leeds westgate added: "we can only hope that this luck will continue and our guests will be as here, in the beautiful leeds and in other our institutions throughout the uk".

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It is already known that richard decided to put most of the money won on the bank’s deposit account. According to the hero, he and his girlfriend have been giving to buy at home for sevel years and began a new chapter in their lives.

He also decided to join the father on a trip to the golf championship in las vegas scheduled for the next year.

Recall, the legendary slot mega moolah from microgaming brought almost 4 million euros to the player.

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