The Russians Are Biased On The World Cup For Figure Skating: Mishina Shared His Thoughts

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July 18, 2022
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The russian national team on figure skating has the highest chances of medals. However, psychological pressure on domestic figure skaters are: we deal with the position of mishina in the fresh sport news.

The Russians are biased on the World Cup for figure skating: Mishina shared his thoughts

Figure cup figure skating 2021: mishina explains why everyone will keep kij

Today, march 24, the world cup on figure skating in stockholm starts: as part of the current competitive day, short programs in women’s single skating will be shown. A lot of attention will be riveted to the famous figure skaters of russia, who this year have excellent chances not just for medals, but for the whole pedestal. Recall that the russian women’s team will present anna shcherbakov, elizabeth tuktamysheva and alexander troisov.

Despite all the longitution of the world championship, even before the actual principle of competitions, russian figure skaters had difficult to. To some extent, this is due to the obvious superiority over the representatives of other countries in a variety of indicators, starting with four jumps and ending with the components. Even foreign fans and experts are not shy to say that the russians can take the whole pedestal to the russians, but it’s not enough to do so.

The coincidence that happened in the framework of the first training day, when anna shcherbakova and pair of vladimir morozova and evgenia tarasova had problems with the inclusion of music.

But the figure skater is such a burden of responsibility, it seems, does not frighten. Or at least they mask it perfectly, because in training russians – nesokrushima. And even if ani shcherbakova had drops during rental, do not forget that in a similar situation she became a three-time champion of russia. If you find the truth in the eyes, our girls have few real competitors on the medals of world championship. The main one is called rick kihira – japanese woman who owns a triple accele and quadu jumps.

Anna Shcherbakova

According to spouse, alexei mishina and specialists of his group tatiana mishina, russia in this world championship clearly belongs to. The coach believees that domestic figure skaters need to psychologically prepare for the fact that such a relationship to them will be exercised throughout the start. Russians need to be prepared both physically and morally, because «the green light they just do not turn on».

«Kijira will compete and will be supported», – tatyana mishhin believees.

In many ways, the bias, which mishin speaks, is related to the young age of the coward and shacherbakova. Even after the release from the junior level, not the most friendly experts predicted to girls for a maximum of a couple of successful seasons: they say, now the can easily perform quas, and at the age of the older it will get out of their health. Mishina notes that the whole world is sasha coward, and if it is aless to jump all the planned (up to five quads in pp and triple axel in kp), then it will be beyond the understanding of the possibilities of the female organism.

Do not worry about lisa tuktamyshev in this regard, because it is much older than its compatriots and it has ultra-si. Mishina admires the fact that her spouse’s student adequately passed this path of becoming an adult experienced athlete and got the opportunity to speak at the world cup with such high competition.

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