The Uk Regulator Has Published Data On The Influence Of A Pandemic On The Gaming Industry

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April 11, 2022
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UK GC Published Data for November 2020

Commission on gambling published additional data showing how the renewed tightening of insulation measures from covid-19 influenced the behavior in the field of gambling in the uk.

The data reflects the period from march march to november inclusive and encompass both gambling online games and consumer data. As a result of tighteening restrictions on the isolation and dismissal of many employees, the regulator did not request data for novembers with licensed rates operators (lbo). Collection of their information will resume will open.

These studies demonstrate that among the population there are no evidence of significant or sustainable growth of gaming activity in the period of covid-19. Nevertheless, the study emphasized the connection between the influence of a pandemic on the financial and mental well-being and the growth of gambling.

The latest data of operators for november showed:

Activity in the online market increased by 3% of active accounts and 4% of rates, while the gross profitability from gambling (ggy) decreased by 13% as a result of the normalization of betting margin for real events after the achievement of high levels in october.

Ggy slots rose by 3% to almost 177 million pounds sterling. The number of rates also increased (by 4%, to more than 5.2 billion) together with the number of active accounts (by 1%, to 2.8 million), which is the highest rate for the pandemic period covid-19.

The number of online sessions for more than an hour increased by 3% (up to 2.2 million) from october to november, which is 1% higher thanhall increase. The average duration of the session increased from 1 to 22 minutes, and about 8% of all sessions continued for more than 1 hour.

Against this data, the regulator recommended the operator to pay attention to the new national isolation, because:

"Most people will spend more time at home and many people will probably feel many people and vulnerable due to the dumation of the pandemic period, new restrictions and further uncertinty in their personal or financial circumstances.

We know that some active players playing in various products are likely to spend more time and money for gambling, and the fact that sporting events will continue during lokdauna, means that customers will have more opportunities to play gambling ".

Earlier, the commission on gambling has already appealed to operators with a call attentively to relate to customers in a difficult period. The commission continues to track the risks associated with covid-19.

Source: official website uk gambling commission

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