The Victorious Return Of Artemia Panarin In Columbus Took Place

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April 25, 2022
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Today, artemia panarin was for the first time to meet with his past team «columbus blue jackets», as part of which he spent two successful season. Moreover, the match took place on the home arena «mundirov». But the russian has coped with pressure. Read more in material.

The Victorious Return of Artemia Panarin in Columbus Took Place

A little whistle panarin is not a hindrance

Actually fans «columbus» nothing to be angry with artemy. He finalized the contract with the team and after the free agent went. Everything went without scandals: quiet and peacefully. A small resentment was only that the russian sems to do not even consider the option with the extension of the contract. Theraefore, washer turned out to be among the russian, the disapproving whistling and the tribune and «digid».

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But it is impossible to say that it was particularly negative or heartbreaking. Judging by the game of the hockey player, it did not make any effect on it. Moreover, before the start of the game, the ex-team even prepared a small vocabulary with bright moments of the game panararin for «jecets». So about the real hatred of speech could not be. The roller was accompanied by signature «welcome» and emoticon with a depicting loaf of bread, sending to the nicknamer hockey player «breadman».

Artemy this evening was consistently good in working with a washer, and in the end of the second period threw the third washer «rangers» in this game. At the order of fate she became a victorious. Outcome score on the scoreboard – 3: 2 in favor «new york».

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But the present hero of the meeting was not even artemy, but the goalkeeper guests – alexander georgiev. He made 45 savings and was recognized as the first star of the day in the nhl. After the match, the game goalkeeper also noted the head coach david quinn, saying that it was absolutely his victory.

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