This Law Will Affect Everyone Who Has A Mobile One: You Have To Understand

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August 15, 2022
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Prepare amendments to the law «about connection», according to which a mystery may be removed from the telecommunication company’s subscriber information: payments, traffic, connections. For what can be used virtual number without registration – our correspondents dealt with.

This law will affect everyone who has a mobile one: you have to understand

In addition, it is proposed to contribute to. 53 federal law item allowing the provision «other information, the list of which is established by the government of the russian federation».

All data that receive telecom operators can be divided into two groups:

  • Subscriber data.
  • Data on services rendered to him.

These are protected and access to third parties to which is possible only with the resolution of the subscriber – private person. However, in the current legization, information about the subribers includes information on compouts, traffic and payments, which creates ambiguity in the interpretation of citizens’ rights to permission or «undractivity» to transfer data about the service operator.

It understood that the draft change in the law settles this rate and will create the opportunity to subscribers separately give consent to the transfer of information about the service. This, according to the information on an explanatory note to the document, will allow citizens to confirm their solvency if necessary. In addition, tourists will be able to receive messages about services and events in the region there visit.

The third goal that legislators persecutes, offering changes to the law, is the fight against telephone fraud. Operators will be able to create databases of suspicious numbers and transfer a signal to the bank to call at the time of its receipt.

Experts believe the subscriber, to transfer information about the services provided to him by third parties, firstly, the number of telephone spam, and secondly, the person turns into «digital product». Eldar murtazin, analyst mobile research group warns. Experts are also advised now to study the contract with the operator about the provision of services.

At the moment, the bill passes the stage of public discussions and anti-corruption independent examination. After that, the final version of the text will be submitted to the court of lawmakers.

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