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September 7, 2022
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Suncil group holdings and summit ascent holdings announced that the implementation center in the tigre de cristal entertainment center in vladivostok "is in full swing", which means doubling the size of property and the tripling of the number of hotel rooms in. Thus, tigre de cristal becomes the largest complex resort in the russian federation.

Chow chek va, chairman of the suncity group holdings and summit ascent said: "this is an indicator that regardless of the current financial status of tigre de cristal, the project will continue as planned".

Indition to the asian cuisine restaurts, an indoor beach club will appear at stage ii. In connection with the almost complete lack of restrictions on the number of gaming tables and slot machines suncity intend to create a direct vip business line.

Summit ascent with optimism looks to the future. Since july 2020, when the tigre de cristal center resumed its activities, the work of tables and gaming machines was restored, primarily at the expense of russians, given that international flights and visas design are not yet renewed. ".

"The group currently depends not only on foreign visitors. Local russian market can already help tigre de cristal stay afloat at a time when’s the prohibition of moving is still valid. Considering the proximity of vladivostok to the main asian tourist markets, such as south korea and japan, their inhabitants will naturally become the following target markets when international travel is resumed ".

Source: official site suncily group holdings

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