To Prohibit Hugging: Zhirinovsky Is Indignant After The Russian Grand Prix

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June 30, 2022
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On november 20-22, the russian grand prix was held in moscow, who, fortunately, the local fans of figure skating took place with the audience. However.

TO PROHIBIT HUGGING: Zhirinovsky is Indignant After The Russian Grand Prix

Russian grand prix 2020: in the us, the saw an embrace of skaters, but zhirinovsky found a solution to the problem

The grand prix of russia in figure skating again turned out to be in the spotlight, but this time not because of the sensational victory elizabeth tuktamysheva or four drops of alexandra podovoy. The reason for such popularity of the competition both in russia and abroad was the neglect of figure skaters and their coaches of sanitary standards established due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Russian Grand Prix 2020

It all started with the fact that the american journalist philip hersh wrote in his «twitter» on the peculiarities of the grand prix of russia. American expressed indignation in connection with the frank neglect of the sanitary rules. The journalist also stressedd that country plays a russian roulette, allowing fans to attend sports events in a complex epidemiological situation.

The fact is that fans of different sports in russia have the opportunity to visit competitions and matches than many countries can not boast of modern realities. At the same time in the worst situations worth says, as statistics says. Horsh also drew attention to the fact that russian figure skaters and coaches were embracd during the competition, kissed and did not wear protective masks, ignoring all the recommendations of the international skating union.

Figure Skating

In a separate material, we summed up the grand prix of russia, winnersheva and mikhail kolyada (in single categories).

Also, the american journalist said that he intends to contact the isu directly, at least a quick answer from them to expect and not. Hersch emphasized that the rules of russia may face a penalty, annihlation of competition results and t. D.

Journalist Philip Khersch

We advise you to read our other article in which we talked about the situation with anna shcherbakova in front of the grand prix.

An unusual way to solve international tensions and criticism proposed the leader of the ldpr vladimir zhirinovsky. In his recent statement addressed to the director-general «channel one» konstantin ernstu, he made a call to exclude the scene from the telestir with arms, handshakes and kisses of the grand prix participants. In fact zhirinovsky urged to remove from ether all evidence of violations of the rules and isu recommendations, as the began to speak abroad.

«Beforeced sanitary restrictions, it is impossible to abuse the demonstration on the largest channel of the country of the scenes», – leads the words of zhirinovsky news agency tass.

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