To Spend The Match “Real” Madrid – “Barcelona” On “Camp Nou” Was A Bad Idea: Prostests, Shooting And 46 Victims

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April 26, 2022
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Central la league match between «barcelona» and «realom» ended in no results draw. Madrids interrupted the anti-rope series and could even win if the referee prescribed a desrived penalty. However, the main events of that day took place outside «camp nou».

To Spend The Match'Real' Madrid - 'Barcelona' on 'Camp Nou' was a bad idea: protests, shooting and 46 victims

«Barcelona» – «real» madrid: the last match was not limited to a spectacle on a football field

On december 18, el clasico took place in barcelona as part of the spanish football championship. The match was previously postponed due to prostests in the catalan region.

«Real» and «barcelona» on this day, heads did not score, but there were enough bright moments. For example, a disputed moment with langle and varan. According to many football players and experts, two episodes with the frhench defender immediately claimed a penalty.

And in the match goals, the fans did not see. It is worth noting that madrid team does not miss in games with catalans for the first time in 18 matches. Such an indicator stopped the negative series of the moscow club.

Zero drawing el clasico did not end as much as 17 years. Currently, both clubs earned 36 points.

Zero Drawing El Clasico Did Not End In The Whole 17 Years

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However, on this day, attention was caught not only a football match. We are talking about protests in catalonia, because of which la league transfers the match for almost two monhs.

In a separate article, we reported that former forward «real» ronaldo can soon leave «juventus».

Protesters got to «camp nou», having arranged unrest throughout barcelona. The stadium itself occurred in collisions, because of which about 50 people were injured.

Moreover, a group of people broke a metal fence «camp nou», the action was accompanied by fires, attacks on policemen and their van from which gear was stolen. Law enforcement officers were forced to apply weapons with rubber bullets. According to local media reports, 13 victims needed hospitalization, seven people were arrested.

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