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January 6, 2022
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The former governor of tokyo sintar isichar, who once promoted the isichar, no longer believees that capital of the island state needs to open such establishments.

Tokyo Does Not Need Casino - Governor

Photo source: zimbio.Com

Within the framework of the press conference last tuesday, december 18, isichard said: «well, if the build casino resorts outside tokyo».

Indition, he suggested that japanese casinos are most suitable for low-developed regional regions of the country. In his opinion, it will be a tool for restoring their economic viability. Isyhar recalled that the native american used exactly such a strategy of development in the united states and reached the necessary results. He mentioned the city of atami, syzuoka, as a place in which, in his opinion, shold beilt a casino resort.

In july of tokyo yuriko koyuk reaferred to the interest of isichari in the project of the reason why the capital should explore why the capital should explore the possibility of submitting an application for participation in ir. But it sems that creator of the concept itself is no longer an active supporter of this idea.

Recall: in early december, the government commissioning of japan stated not exceed 3% of the area of ​​each integrated resort.

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