Tom Horn Gaming Became A Partner Of The Lithuanian Bc Topsport

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August 2, 2022
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Tom horn gaming has confirmed the signing of an exclusive agreement with topsport, the leader in the market of bookmakers in lithuania. About this logincasino.Com reported in the pess service tom horn gaming.

Tom Horn Gaming Became A Partner Of The Lithuanian BC Topsport

Tom horn has become the first provider of casino games certified by the lithuanian gambling regulator, and an exclusive provider on the topsport website. Now on the company’s website, in addition to taking rates, virtual sports and living dealers, available both popular tom horn, and their newest cross-platform casino games.

The growing demand for tom horn gaming’s games attracts more and more customers among gambling operators, aggregators and providers of game platforms, and, according to the company’s director, ondrey lapides, this is one of the key points of the transaction with topsport, which determined the advanced range of programs to promote in the region. He explained:

«We have sevel exciting new games that will be launched just to our exit to the lithuanian market. In addition, we are planning to promote our games like dragon egg, blackbeard’s quest and fire and hot, which enjoy incredible success and popularity among players in other european markets. Topsport just activated our games on their website, which is the most popular bookmaker platform in the country. We believe that lithuanian players will appreciate new gambling opportunities with tom horn gaming casino games».

He continued: «we are very proud of the first bookmaker in lithuania, registered in 2001. Thanks to this key transaction and certification of the lithuanian gambling regulator, our games have become the first fully legal casino product in the country. Earlier, opportunities for legal gambling business in lithuania were extremely limited, but more and more operators and developers are interested in the eastern european gambling market and our success on it, much attention is paid to partnerships like our topsport capable of helping and further develop this market».

In conclusion of the discussion of the future company tom horn gaming ondrey lapides added:

«Our access to the lithuanian market – this is part of the company’s strategy for adjustable markets. Now we are certified by games and licenses in other countries, and at the moment on the approach signing such transactions and patrine agreements in other european regions».

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