Total Picture In Relation To Russians To The Activities Of Bookmakers

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April 22, 2022
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Vtsiom, a large russian company engaged in marketing and sociological research, presented data regarding citizens awareness in the work of domestic bookmakers. According to the general results, the sphere of sports is interested in 58% of respondents of russian citizens.

Total picture in relation to Russians to the activities of bookmakers

Men (65%) are the greatest interest, most of those interested (62%) are at age from 45 to 59 years, as well as 68% of the respondents between the ages of 60. The most popular (43%) source of familiarization with sports events is the corresponding broadcasts. At the same time, about 18% of respondents as the main source of information use profile sites. A direct visit of various sports orientation activities is engaged in 11% of all respondents in age primarily from 18 to 24 years (14%) and from 25 to 34 years old (16%).

According to the results, 79% of russians participating in the survey believees that the development of the sports industry is impossible without the help of sponsors. About 75% of respondents are confident that the task of bookmakers is to make contirition deposos to its further development. These are mainly representatives of the age group from 45 years to 59. At the samey participants support the conviction tat bc can assist children’s sports teams. Also, 29% are convinced that bookmakers can support regional level teams, and 24% do not doubt the need and ability of bookmakers to engage in city scale tournaments. Also 15% of russians support the initiative to organize meetings with foreign and russian sports stars.

E. From. Lovechev, who has the title of honored master of sports of russia, notic active advertisers in the country and the internet in sports often has an impact on interest and sports rates. In russia, among the surveyed participants, a study on the peculiarities of the work of the bookmakers knows 50% of people, of which 13% did rates on the outcome of sports events at least once.

Recall, recently, darina denisova commented on the report of sberbank cib on the development of licensed bc in the russian federation.

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