Total Tennis Tournament In London: Trophy Got The Most Young Participant

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April 20, 2022
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21-year-old greek won the otp final tournament in london – one of the most prestigious tennis competitions. He updated a couple of records, finally defeated medvedev, also won truly beautiful final.

Total Tennis Tournament in London: Trophy got the most young participant

Final tournament apr in london: 2019 will be remembered as the end of the era «large triple»

In the final, stefanos citizpass fought with dominic tim. Austrian turned out to be weaker than greek in two of the three sets: 6: 7 (6: 8), 6: 2, 7: 6 (7: 4). For 2 hours and 35 minutes, the sixth and fifth rackets of the world, respectively, issued 9 and 8 amuses, also won on one tai break.

It is interesting that in the first films stefanos turned out to be worse than the opponent by 7%, but at the same time managed to win more innings. Despite the defeat in the first set, the 21-year-old greek looked where an impressive rival. The cycipas game was balanced and calmer than during the group stage match against daniel medvedev. Greek and russians are often called fundamental rivals due to the ranking.

At the beginning of the season, stefanos confidently held at the position of the fifth racket of the world, followed by dominica tim. By the middle of the season, medvedev scored a great shape, taking the fourth place.

Many expected a revenge from cycipas during a personal meeting with the russian at the final tennis tournament. He occurred in the group stage, we told in more detail about this game in our special article.

After that, the interest in rivalry is partly disappeared. Tennis fans switched to medvedev’s comparison with federer, who is about to give the russian third position in the ranking.

But stefanos tsizizpas made loud cambics, defeating not only in a personal meeting, but also in the final of the final tournament. It was this trophy that daniel was missing to overtake roger federer in the apr ranking, and stop 12-year superiority «large triple».

When nadal, federer and djokovich, for the first time in this composition, entered the top-3, the winner of the final tournament in 2019 was nine years.

In a separate material, we told about ryger federer’s match and dominic tim, from which the final tournament of the current season started.

The 21-year greek updated the age record of alexander zverev, who last year won the london tournament. Thus, the cycise was becoming the most young triumph of the compettion since 2001.

Earlier, we wtrote about the match of citizaas and medvedev as part of the shanghai semi-final.

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