Tote From Poland Will Pay A Large Amount As A Tax

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April 20, 2022
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Totalizator sportowy will list more than 1 billion zlotys (about $ 258 million) in the state budget of the country as a gambling tax.

Tote from Poland will pay a large amount as a tax

Next year, an increase in the amount of tax payments is expected due to the dynamic development of the company in the igor. Thanks to the adopted amendment in the law on gambling totalizator sportowy, it was possible to develop in new regions for itself.

The president of totalizator sportowy management direction of totalizator sportowy olgerd said that the current period of transformation of the company is the largest and faster over all 60 years of its existence. For the implementation of the goals, an ambitious plan was developed for two or three years. Other gembling companies operating in this direction, the implementation of such a work is required from five to seven years. Looking at today’s results, employees of the company are proud of the achieved.

According to the estimated department headed by the ceshlik, thanks to the launch in new regions, the company is ready to translate 1 billion zlotys to the state budget of poland this year.

Recall, in connection with the abolition of bc rates, sportsbet will pay customers the laid winnings.

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