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January 31, 2022
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On saturday, the central duel of the 29th round of the english premier league between london «tottenham» and «arsenal». In the last circle, the victory in his field won «canonira» with a score of 4: 2.

Tottenham VS 'Arsenal', forecast for the match UPL March 2, 2019
Content: 1. «Tottenham» again backing at an inappropriate moment2. «Arsenal» returned to the favorite 4th place3. Forecast bookmakers on the match «tottenham» – «arsenal»3.One. Bwin coefficients.Ru3.2. Bc coefficients «league rates»
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The opposition of teams has a long history and is known to the football world as derby of northern london. This season, the team was played twice. The first time within the submarine and the second – at the karabao cup (english league cup). In the first case, the victory was celebrate «canonira», and in the second – «spurs».

See match «tottenham» – «arsenal» can be on saturday, march 2, on tv channel «match! Football 1». The start of the broadcast is scheduled at 15:25 moscow time.

«Tottenham» again raging at an inappropriate moment

London club under the leadership of mauricio pissolino from year to year is very close to either championship, or to impose a fight for this championship. But at the most inopportune moment «spurs» start unexpectedly bounce, do not cope with pressure and lose where they definitely have goggles. So happened in the last step of the apl with «bernley».

And this is despite the fact that «tottenham» returned the restless harry kane, who immediately distinguished himself as a scored nude, but, alas – defeat 2: 1. This loss of glasses looks like a foreign body against the background of recent victories over «borussia» in the lch and four-time victorious series in the championship. It sems that «spurs» just do not know how to win in simple situations.

But if the championship (and quite for the championship, taking into account the periodic loss of glasses by leaders), then you need to return confidence and defeat the emery team.

«Arsenal» returned to the favorite 4th place

While the entire focus of the media is concentrated on the loss of glasses «liverpool», «tottenham», rumors about the dismissal of sarry from «chelsea» and the next trophy «man city», wards unai emery came to the fourth place. The separation from the fifth mu is just one point, but the fact remains – now «arsenal» in the champions league zone. And the main task for «pushkin» today – to keep, and for this you need to win in derby.

Fortunately, a series of injuries, traditionally engulfed the club, at the moment came to an end. And the decessary players for victories and the londonians have access to. Separately, it is worth noting the lacket the good shape, which is celebrated by the second goal in a row in the submarine. Well, of course, who returned to mkhitaryan (also distinguished himself with a naked in a fight with difficult «southampton»).

Forecast bookmakers on the match «tottenham» – «arsenal»

Bookmakers in the match «tottenham» – «arsenal» more likely to predict the field. «Spurs» will play at home, besides filled with determination to prove the absurdity of the defeat in the previous match. However, you should not throw off the bills and «kanonirov», for which it is vital to gain a fourth place to return to the champions league next season.

Bwin coefficients.Ru

  • «Tottenham» – one.87;
  • «Arsenal» – 3.Nine;
  • Draw – 3.8.

Bc coefficients «league rates»

  • «Tottenham» – one.Nine;
  • «Arsenal» – 3.8;
  • Draw – 3.8.

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