Trainer Figureki Tuktamysheva Explained Why Lisa Refuses To Speak For Canada

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May 3, 2022
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Honored coach of russia alexei mishin rigidly respondded to the idea of ​​an american journalist with a chea in citizenship for athletes from russia, who cannot get on the che and world cup due to high competition. Read more in material.

Trainer Figureki Tuktamysheva Explained Why Lisa Refuses to Speak for Canada

Elizabeth tuktamysheva, coach patriot and canadian citizenship

Elizaveta tuktamysheva continues to actively take part in figure skating competitions, despite the high level of competition and age, which in modern realities is considered older in this amplua.

At the russian championship lisa finished the fourth, having lost the opportunity to speak on che and world cup. Later, the figure skater found a way to get to the european competition – we told about it in more detail in our separate material.

However, an alternative to the 23-year-old figure skater offered an american journalist philip hersch. Olympic specialist held a comparative parallel of canadian and russian figure skaters on its page in «twitter». The journalist noted that, judging by the low level of athletes from canada, russians are time to think about changing citizenship.

Hersh offered the last search in the family tree canadian roots, after which he mentioned the name elizabeth tuktamysheva, twisted into french. Later, philip added that if you expand quotas for countries, then the first six places would remain for russian women – three participants of che (costorna, coward, shacherbakova) and tuktamyshev in the company zagitova and medvedeva.

Lisa herself has not yet commented on the comic report of the journalist. Perhaps due to the fact that her mentor said everything – alexey mishin. Specialistted than tuktatysheva as a true russian woman is likely to abandon the proposal for canadian citizenship.

Recall that the european championships for single girls start january 24. All information about the tournament we collected in our special material.

Previously, we wtrote about the remaining three fights in a career who intends to hold a boxer tyson fury.

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