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April 14, 2022
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Zlatan ibrahimovich in 2019 remains in demand by forward, this is evididenced by sevel factors atne: interest from the top clubs, level of performance and technology, the desire to continue to play even in 38 years. Soon the famous ibre will change the club.


Ibrahimovich will go into the series a, but he has not played yet in this club

The swedish striker still performs in mls, but the term of cooperation agreement with «los angeles galaxy» expires in the near winter off-season. This means that ibra can very soon be in a new club.

In a separate material, we told more details about the statistics of a football player and a high level of effectivessem.

We bring to your attention a number of factors that confirm the theory of the winter transition of a football player in this command.

  1. Zlatan himself earlier noticed that i would like to complete
    gaming career in italy
    . Ibrahimovich has been 38 years old, which means that the end of his activity is not far off. The benefit of the form that a football player demonstrates will allow him to play at a high level for another season or two. Especially since italy has long been famous for the fact that attackers in this championship can play until the 40th anniversary.
  2. The president «napoli» told the football italia publication that dinner with a player in los angeles and shared with him the desire to see him in his club. De laurentis more than once focused on what ibraimovich wants to buy «napoli».
  3. According to il giornale, the manager of swedes mino riola had a conversation with the leadership of the neapolitan club, in which the proposal of the agent make the transfer of ibrahimovich.
  4. La gazzetta dello sport wrote that the italians have already offered a contract for a year and a half. During this period, zlatan will receive 6 million euros. The agreement will include an item on the possibility of extending the contract for another year.

Thus, today in the media, there is enough information indicating the likely return of the 39-year-old striker to italy. Recall that ibrahimovic acted in this country for «milan», «inter» and «juventus».

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