Transfer Of Bc Of Kazakhstan In Reservation Will Negativaly Affect The Replenishment Of The Country’S Treasury

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June 13, 2022
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Moving bookmakers in reservisitated in a new law will deprive the budget of considerable revenues, will create obstacles to the work of legal gambling business in the country and at the same time will open opportunities for the activities of underground operators of sports rates.


The head of the first in kazakhstan of the bookmaker tennisi kz, sergey kazakov, considers the categorical set of power against legal bookmakers extremely illogical, reports legalbet. In the first three months of the current year, bc listed 82 million tenge to the treasury from pps revenues and 40 million tenge of other deductions. The benefit of the state in the form of direct taxes at the end of the year could be 488 million tenge, but with the introduction of norms, the amount of deductions will decrease by almost 100%.

In the first quarter, only one legal bookmaker brought 112 million tenge to the budget ($ 28.9 thousand.) income tax deductions. Officially, there are more than 10 major parking lot operators on the market.

The purpose of the law is the fight against the shadow gembling sector and the protection of the population from gambling addiction. Cossacks believes that «good intendions» are completely not justified, moreover, will lead to the dynamics of the activity of illegal pps.

According to official data, which provides the government itself, 10-15 citizens are recorded in the country with a diagnosis of ludomania. It turns out that such a massive law has taken into the interests of less than 1% of the country’s population, having deprived a whole layer of citizens of jobs, income and social guarantees. Moreover, there was no analysis of the regulatory impact on the sector, which would give an accurate picture of the ratio of harm and benefits of the bookmakers, comments the expert.

The online gembling sector also threatens strict restrictions. Those bookmakers who plan to transfer business into more loyal jurisdictions, the authorities promise blocking. It is impossible to make it objectively, so the state at this stage risks the loss of local companies, which will be impossible in the future. 95% of users make rates on the services of kazakh bookmakers. Money and income do not go beyond the local market, they are monitored and controlled. In the event of a transition of companies abroad, the government will lose any levers of influence on the business, the head of tennisi kz reports.

The online gembling sector also threatens strict restrictions

In parallel with the prospect of decline of legal betting, underground pps will receive new opportunities. In 2007, law enforcement officers have already tied to fight such institutions under the law on their closure. This has not led to anything. Institutions continue to work, save on deductions to budget, licenses, as well as living rooms. The organizer is just one powerful computer and minimum attributes for taking sports betting. For country, this can be a new bowow to the economy and enhancement of a criminogenic situation, asserts the cossacks.

Another exit for bookmakers is to cooperate with the casino and the gaming halls casino and the gaming halls. The expert reports that this option was considered, but negotiations with casino operators did not give the desired result. Now the bc is working on the creation of his own project in the gambling zone and not ready to report details.

The prospect of moving a business to another country, the head of the bookmaker does not consider. The pp network operates in kazakhstan for more than 10 years and during this time turned into a multi-level system of technical values, personnel and material base. It almost impossible to transfer it entirely, so the bookmaker and the companies similar to work in a not the transition to new sites.

One of the promising platforms for expanding the geography of cossacks the market of uzbekistan. Now it looks like a cazakh 10 years ago. Bookmakers who first go to the sector will receive maximum opportunities for establishing an effective and profitable network. It im important to understand the position of the authorities in relation to gambling business. Recall that the legalization of sports rates and other gambling in uzbekistan is scheduled for 2021.

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