Trinity Tutberidze And Alina Zagitova: Panfilova Analyzed Figure Skaters

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May 12, 2022
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The figure skater apollinaria panfilova, serving in pair skating together with dmitry rylov, the other day won «gold» junior world championship and commented on the situation in figure skating. Read more in material.

Trinity Tutberidze and Alina Zagitova: Panfilova Analyzed Figure Skaters

Male single skating like panfilova more

It’s no secret that more attention (at least in russia) in figure skating now gets single women. This applies to both adults and juniors. Cause simple – russians ask trends and win in all world turnaments. With the advent of the adult troiny troiny – shacherbakov – brusadov russian figure skaters and began to take the whole pedestal.

In a separate article, we wrote about secrets eter tutberidze on the preparation of the champons, which she opened in an interview on tv.

That’s just it turns out, this state of things like not everyone, and it is not even about the risks of figure skaters. So, in a recent interview with the apollinaria panfilova, which mined at the recent yculm «gold» in the pair skating, admitted that she likes male single skating. Just because of the greater compettion.

Also, the champion spoke and about the wards of etern tutberidze, who do not leave the chance of rivals, and compared them with alina zagito, suspended his career at the end of last year. According to juniors, the main problem of girls is that despite their talent and achievements, they aer perceived as one figure skater, although they are all different. Because of this when someone is mistaken – all around shocked, and this is, according to athletes, very strange.

The champion spoke and about the wards of Eteri Tutberidze

In the same interview, apollinaria remembered the achievements of the olympic champion of alina zagito. According to panfilova, if the athlete is talented, then it will not hurt him, even the change of rules. And as an example i remembered the victory of the figure skater at the 2019 world cup. Then the critics of athletes believed that she would not get from her because of the depreciation of jumps in the second half, which alina famous in the days of the olympic games. But despite the change of rules, the russian woman mined the cherished «gold».

On the possible change of rules in the upcoming offseason, we wrote in a special material.

Interestingly, there is a difference between the panfilova and the gaga, but unlike apollinaria, which conquers «gold» on junior championships, alina suspended his sports career. However, to compare them for this indicator is not entirely correct, the singles often pass into the adult category before greenhouses.

Earlier, we wrote about the completion of the career of adeline sotnikova.

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