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March 25, 2022
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The winner of the record holder of triton million london became the unprofessional aaron zang, whose winnings shook the poker community. No matter what the prize in the amount of more £13 million will be on the account of the zanga, and this proves that each can win in the tournament.

Triton Million London sums up the record holder series

Recall that participants in the poker competition made as an entry fee £1 million and only eight of them became parties to the final table.

Igor kurganov took the 12th place in the tournament, the remaining players received by £1.1 million prizes. The final eight claimed £1.4 million.

Vivek rajkumamar became chip leader, his stack was twice as much more chips than the nearest rival. Aaron zang was the only representative from asia, who managed to break through the top 8 of the tournament. Moreover, he – one of the three participants who play poker unprofessional.

After several first games in which outsiders attempted on the chip leader’s stack, chadwick and smith’s dominant, and rajkumar continued to lose chips. As a result, the player finished only fifth.

By the time when only four players remain at the table – smith, chadwick, zang and bryn kenny, the first two were not in better shape. Kenny began to dominate the game, raging and without the largest stack at the table. Further, he took turns in turn at first with chadwig, and then with smith.

Frightened zang observed how kenny is painted with rivals, saying that if he wins, it will be a miracle.

The advantage in the number of chips was on side of kenny – in a ratio of 4 to 1. Zang offered a deal, according to the results of which kenny was supposed to £16 890 509, and a player from asia – £12 679 491. The winner of the next game received £one.1 million from above.

Despite the fact that kenny was unconditional favorite in this pair, he did not get get victory. Perhaps he headed his head in practically £17 million, or the laurel of the first violin allowed to relax earlier.

Final table results:

One. Aaron zang – £13 779 491;

2. Bryn kenny – £16 890 509;

3. Dan smith – £ 7,200,000;

4. Stephen chadwick – £4,410,000;

Five. Vivek rajkumar – £ 3 000 000;

6. Bill perkins – £2,200,000;

7. Alfred decarolis – £1,720,000;

8. Timothy adams – £1,400,000.

Recall that five champons – professional poker players were defeted by artificial intelligence.

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