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February 7, 2022
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The new partnership truunarrative and seon combines the intelligent opportunities of seon with e-mail, telephone, ip and devices in trunarrative solutions for decision-making and orchestration features.

Seon, fighters with fraud, announced their partnership with the leading british platform regtech trunarrative, which allows tunarrative users to use extensive seon data for adopting informed solutions. It will also provide customers with a solution to simplify secure trade, combining seon data with tunarrative decision technology.

Trunarrative manages the processes of identifying financial crimes, customer connection, transaction monitoring and compliance with regulatory requirements using a single simple in the configuration of the platform without code.

Integration provides tunarrative customers with access to email, telephone, intelligent devices and seon ip data, allowing them to determine the digital trace of end users, creating an assessment of customer risks to adopt automated and manual solutions.

Trunarrative platform trust operators of banking, financial, electronic and gaming services. And seon data is used to test customers and prevent fraud in banking, automotive, aviation, gaming and financial services.

Seon will join the trunarrative appstore, which will allow firms to integrate global data technology and seon authentication in their adaptation and monitoring strategies, which will also bring an increase in the number of customers, reliable detection of fraud, facilitating effective investigations and reduced operational expenses. Partnership means that the company will be able to use seon data along with more thank 40 partners to string tunarrative data through a single api.

Trunarrative customers can create routes and processes for customers: personal verification, fraud, ekyc, ekyb, aml, monitoring accounts and transactions. Using the trunarrative interface, enterprises can adapt the rules and strategy with minimal it resources, while maintaining a low total cost of ownership and facilitating the implementation and integration.

Andy pearson, head of the partnership division in trunarrative, said:

"We are pleased to cooperate with seon, improving fraud prevention solutions available to our customers. The depth and amount of their data means that we can offer our customers a wider range of tools for preventing and checking fraud ".

Tamas cadar, ceo and founder seon added:

"Trunarrative and seon have many common sectors where many controversial moments arise. In the past, enterprises of these industries did not access to solutions that would correspond toir business models.

Since its inception, seon set a task to change this position, and trunarrative is the ideal company for this. We fully expect a partnership will quickly and successfully develop ".

Source: official site trunarrative 

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